Best Coffee for French Press: 6 Top Picks For a Perfect Brew (2024)

Are you a coffeeholic? Do you enjoy the simplicity of making coffee with a French press? Then you know that the right coffee beans are as important (if not more) than your brewing method, and you shouldn’t go lightly over your bean choice. In this article, we made an overview of the best coffee for French press. We included a wide variety of options, because let’s face it: everyone likes their coffee just a little differently. But no matter which bean you choose, we hope you discover the perfect brew!

French Press Coffee Is Making a Comeback

Do you remember that old coffee device your parents would take with them on camping trips? The coffee machine only requires a few simple steps.

Guess what?! That minimalistic coffee-pressing device is back!

What Is the Best Coffee for a French Press?

If you want to enjoy the highest-quality cup of joe from your french press, consider ditching that old bag of low-end beans.

The best cup of coffee requires a few parts to make it worth every sip. Not only should you buy premium-quality coffee beans but the brewing process needs precision and care.

We all know how watery coffee can make for a rough day. On the other hand, an overly-strong coffee might have you second-guessing your next sip.

The perfect french press coffee does exist and we are here to tell you all about it.

Buy Whole Beans, Not Grounds

Yes, ground coffee requires one less step, bringing you to your first sip faster. Whole beans need a bit of grinding before the brewing process begins.

Storing coffee in the form of whole beans will guarantee higher quality. Pre-ground coffee tends to lose its flavor and richness over time.

Ground coffee is perfect for caffeine lovers who don’t have time to prepare the beans. It is perfect when taking short trips or camping.

If you have an extra 30 seconds to one minute, grinding the beans will enrich your coffee experience. Plus, why not give your guests a better cup of coffee?

Light, Medium, or Dark Roast?

If you didn’t already know, there are three typical strength levels of coffee roasts. Some coffee drinkers only stick to one while others don’t mind changing it up.

Here is the easiest way to understand each:

  • Light: light brown color and roasted to about 375 degrees. (Higher in caffeine)
  • Medium: brown color and roasted to about 420 degrees. (Medium caffeine)
  • Dark: dark brown (almost burnt) and roasted past 450 degrees. (Lower in caffeine)

Caffeinated or Decaffeinated?

If you like the spike in energy and short buzz that coffee offers, caffeine from coffee are the way to go. If energy isn’t your goal but you want to enjoy that coffee-rich taste, decaf coffee is the solution.

What’s the difference?

  • Decaf coffee:
    • Coffee beans that have little to no caffeine.
    • Caffeine is extracted through a process using water and CO2.
  • Caffeinated coffee:
    • Caffeinated coffee will contain 80 mg or more of caffeine per cup.
    • The natural stimulants are left in the bean for drinkers to receive a boost of energy.

Original or Flavorful

Once you know if you will use ground coffee or whole bean and have chosen the strength level, you must choose whether or not your coffee has a traditional taste.

Young coffee lovers will say that original coffee tastes plain and bland. They prefer coffee with additives; milk, cream, sweetener, and flavors. Starbucks is the most typical example of their taste (lattes, cappuccinos, caramel iced coffee, etc).

Some coffee drinkers even prefer an infused bean with certain aromas or flavors.

Avid coffee-goers who like a more traditional style of coffee, tend to be older and more into coffee for the taste of the bean. These are your black coffee drinkers and others who enjoy coffee in its simplest form.

The best coffee for your french press is all about how you enjoy it. Maybe you will pour your next cup black, with a little cream and sugar, or with some french vanilla. Whether you choose one option or another, your taste buds deserve the best-tasting coffee.

The 6 Best Coffee Beans for Your French Press

Coffee beans come in all types of profiles. From light to bold, there is a pleasing taste to suit everyone.

Once your chosen coffee bean is down to a fine/coarse consistency, it will be ready for the french press.

Before you grab your coffee grounds and dump them into the coffee maker, know how to use the french press. If you make a batch of coffee and the water-to-bean ratio is off, you will have to start over. We all have been there!

Below, we have listed out the six best coffee grounds for french presses.

1) Lifeboost Coffee – The Best Coffee Is Sustainable Coffee

Low Acid Coffee
The absolute best coffee for French press: Lifeboost
  • Healthiest coffee on the market.
  • Organic, GMO & Pesticide Free, and low in acid.
  • Roasts: light, medium, dark, and medium decaf.
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If you are looking for one of the most organic coffee beans on the market, Lifeboost is the way to go.

The company claims that its brand is the healthiest coffee in the world. Their coffee is so good, even doctors are recommending them (that must mean something). The CEO has cracked code in providing people with the cleanest source of coffee all while tasting good.

Lifeboost’s beans grow in high elevations and shade, protecting them from overexposure. All beans are sourced locally from small farmers. Their mission is to harvest coffee in environmentally friendly areas while protecting wildlife.

After roasting, all coffee must be processed through third-party testing to detect bacteria, mycotoxins, pesticides, mold, and other toxins.

Lifeboost’s coffee grounds are extremely tasty when made in the french press. You can choose from light, medium, and dark roasts. If you are feeling fancy, try one of their many flavors: tiramisu, chocolate-covered orange, peppermint mocha, eggnog latte, gingerbread latte, and the list goes on.

If you can’t choose from the many options, they have you covered with their variety of sample packs. Sample packs are a great way to taste different coffee without wasting any.

They even offer instant cold brew packs for all the cold brew fanatics. Or if you want to attempt to make cold brew yourself, any of their coffee will work well for it.

2) Volcanica – Exotic Coffee

Volcanica Coffee
Volcanica offers some of the best coffee for French press
  • Family-owned and sustainably harvested.
  • They donate 1% of sales to charities.
  • Roasts: light, dark, decaf, and half-caffeinated.
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Are you looking for the most exotic coffee available on the market? Then Volcanica Coffee is your cup of joe. Volcanica started in the mountains of Costa Rica and quickly expanded to international coffee farms.

Their coffee is sourced sustainably from volcanic regions. Coffee drinkers can enjoy a range of flavors and roasts. Volcanica Coffee Company has more than 150 flavors available to ship worldwide.

Some of their best beans come from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Jamaica. The beans retain their freshness no matter how far the company must send them.

Coffee is roasted every week in their Atlanta, Georgia factory and typically shipped within one business day. Roasting on demand helps keep the coffee rich, smooth, and strong smelling.

No matter which bean you choose, low-acid, organic, or shade-grown, the perfect coffee is minutes away with the fill of your french press.

3) Koa – A Taste of Hawaii

Koa Coffee
A Forbes favorite, Koa Coffee is also among the best coffee for French Press
  • The best coffee in Hawaii.
  • Handpicked from the Mauna Loa Volcano.
  • Roasts: medium and dark.

Koa coffee beans are some of the best beans from the United States. Constantly ranked among the top 10 coffees in the world, Koa continues to impress coffee drinkers far and wide.

Each bean is ready when the berry turns cherry red. Every coffee bean is handpicked and delivered right to your door with little time in between. Koa harvests, roasts, and packages the coffee to make sure you receive the highest quality taste of Hawaii.

All coffee is 100% Kona, making your next cup of coffee the real deal. From their medium roast to their dark roast, your next cup of coffee will have the taste of Hawaii’s volcanoes.

You should enjoy Kona coffee in its freshest form. Grind up your choice of beans, throw it in the french press, and brew a cup of perfection. No matter which roast you choose, Kona is among the best coffee for french press.

4) 1st in Coffee – Coffee Lover’s Paradise

1St In Coffee
1st in Coffee offers different roasts, some of them among the best coffee for French Press
  • The world’s best coffee machine supplier.
  • Carries some of the most-known coffee brands.
  • Roasts: light, medium, dark, and espresso.

1st in coffee provides caffeine lovers with a source of excellent coffee from all over the world. Their coffee comes from several countries, is grown in different climates, and is harvested using varying methods.

You can find smooth and full-bodied beans from Italy, Peru, and other regions like Hawaii. It is 1st in Coffee’s mission to provide a coffee solution for everybody.

Whether you are looking for the perfect dark roast blend, a bean for making cold brew coffee, or the best ground coffee for your french press, they have it and more! If you aren’t sure what bean is right for you, try their sampler pack and your taste buds will answer the question for you.

5) Hawaii Coffee Company – Coffee From All Over Hawaii

Hawaii Coffee Company
Hawaii Coffee Company: delicious Kona coffee, some claim it’s the best coffee for French Press
  • Sources their coffee locally and only from Hawaii.
  • A mix of two Hawaiian companies.
  • Roasts: light, medium, dark, and decaf.

Hawaii Coffee Company is a blend of two sister companies, Lion Coffee and Royal Kona Coffee. The two companies came together to promote the “Ohana” lifestyle. Ohana means family. Now, both companies share their success as the biggest roaster of Kona coffee.

Their coffee comes in many roasts, light to dark, as well as decaf. Today, their biggest sellers include:

  • Lion Coffee: specializing in tropical and premium quality coffee.
  • Royal Kona Coffee: offering premium 100% Kona coffee that has the taste of gourmet.
  • Royal Hawaiian Coffee: coffee highlighting different regions of Hawaii.

Hawaii Coffee Company has many blends, flavors, and regional beans that will suit any taste bud. Their coffee is so high in quality that it makes for the perfect cup of coffee at any time of the day.

You can enjoy freshly brewed Hawaiian coffee using your french press, coffee pot, or pour-over coffee device.

6) Bulletproof Coffee – Coffee for Any Diet

Bulletproof Low Acid Coffee
BulletProof Medium-Roast: Indispensable in a list of the best coffee for French press (if you’re into keto and biohacking). Use coupon code EMERGENT15 for 15% off any order.
  • A coffee suiting any diet.
  • Their Coffee will give you sustained energy.
  • Roasts: light, medium, dark, and decaf.
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Bulletproof Coffee is sustainably sourced and tested for toxins. Every cup is 100% clean with the right amount of nutrition for your day.

From ground coffee to individual pods, there is coffee for everybody. Bulletproof coffee consists of high-quality fats, which are keto-friendly. Their coffee is not like any other coffee. Bulletproof coffee (also called keto coffee; read our recipe here) will not cause a crash hours later, allowing you to keep going.

All their coffee beans come from Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala. You can enjoy a cold brew, vanilla-flavored beans, rich and nutty notes, or sweet and smooth blends.

Bulletproof coffee might just be the best coffee for french presses.

The Decision

In the end, your taste buds will choose the best bean. The best cup of coffee could be the worst cup from one person to another.

The best coffee for french presses comes from both taste and technique. If the taste isn’t there but the method of brewing is, it still won’t be the best, and vice-versa.

We recommend Lifeboost as the best coffee for French press because every sip suits both sides of the bean. Their coffee farming approach is sustainable, organic, tasty, and some of the healthiest in the world.