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Who is Emergent Brew?

We’re coffee enthusiasts who like to learn about everything coffee. And then share what we learn. We write about new gear, roasting types, the best beans, and all the innovations in the coffee space.

Our mission: making sense of all the confusing coffee information out there and presenting it to you in simple, easy-to-follow guides, recipes and tips & tricks, so you have all you need to brew a perfect, artful cup of coffee, every single day.

The team

Meet the team

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Lukas Van Vyve

I’m Lukas, and I love coffee almost as much as I like learning languages (and I like language learning a lot). I also like writing. So to bring them all together, I founded Emergent Brew.

At Emergent Brew, we work with experts to research the (home) barista space and experiment with beans and brewing techniques. And I want you to be part of that journey, so we can all learn to brew and enjoy that perfect cup of coffee.

(Also, this project allows me to spend 30 minutes every morning painstakingly grinding my coffee beans and preparing a cup of fancy Chemex coffee. Mission accomplished.)

Jean Luc Van Vyve

Jean-Luc Van Vyve

I’m Jean-Luc,  and I co-founded Emergent Brew with Lukas, my business partner and my son.

I personally drink several cups of coffee a day, especially to catch up with colleagues during a break or just with friends. Including the daily cup of Chemex coffee Lukas prepares in the morning!

I have spent my whole professional life the last 30 years in food industry (chocolate biscuits, desserts, sauces, soups, …) and l love the many ways food can create moments of pleasure!

About coffee: it’s fascinating in how many ways coffee beans can be turned into a world of taste!

At Emergent Brew, we will help you explore this world of taste with our tips & tricks to brew and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee!

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