Keurig K50 vs K55 Comparison: Which One Should You Get?

This article compares the Keurig K50 and K55 coffee brewing machines.

The Keurig K50 and K55 are popular yet similar coffee brewing machines. Despite having many similar features, these single-serve coffee brewers have subtle differences in terms of functionality.

But which brewer serves your coffee needs better? Continue reading this Keurig K50 vs K55 comparison to learn more about these two popular Keurig coffee brewers. A detailed comparison will help you make a better choice when purchasing your coffee maker.

At a Glance

The Keurig K50 was released before the Keurig K55. Many coffeeholics are pleased with this coffee maker due to its convenience in making delicious coffee. It’s user-friendly since you only need to press some button controls.

Keurig K50 allows its users to enjoy numerous coffee flavors. It suits average coffee drinkers who don’t have to empty coffee grounds or grind coffee beans to get high-quality coffee.

The Keurig K55 is the best choice as it has more upgrades than K50, making it the most trusted coffee brewing machine in the market today.

Since this brewer is new, it has stand-out features that make it more reliable and better. These include a better water filter, fast brewing time, and auto alerts for descaling. The Keurig K50 doesn’t have these excellent features for exceptional performance.

The K50 and K55 have some similarities. Some of the similar features include:

  • Both models provide three different brew sizes, including 6 ounces, 8 ounces, and 10 ounces.
  • The K50 and K55 come with a removable 48-ounce water reservoir, which is large enough to brew many cups of coffee without refilling.
  • Both Keurig models use the push-button interface for easy operation.
  • These Keurig coffee brewers are energy efficient.

Keep reading to get a comprehensive comparison of these two Keurig machines.

Keurig K50 vs K55 Feature Comparison

This section compares the different features between these two models and picks the winner.

Brewing Speed

Keurig K50 and K55 have fast brewing speeds, allowing you to enjoy a cup of coffee in less than a minute. However, the K50 model takes an extra 30 seconds as it heats slower than the K55 model. Both models have the same brew temperature of 89 degrees Celsius.

The Keurig K55 is the winner when it comes to coffee brewing speed.

Brewing Options

Although the Keurig K50 and K55 have identical brewing sizes (6, 8, and 10 ounces), the K50 provides a strong brew mode, giving you a bolder and an extra caffeine kick than the K55 model. You won’t get the exact expresso feeling, but you will realize the difference.

When it comes to brewing options, the Keurig K50 carries the day as it lets you have a more potent brew.

Aesthetics and Dimensions

The Keurig K50 and K55 have similar dimensions of 9.8 x 13 x 13.3 inches. Their sizes are medium; hence they are not bulky. However, these brewers have limited color choices. They usually come in a black design that is appealing and blends any kitchen décor. But the K55 model is also available in rhubarb red.

The Keurig K55 looks contemporary compared to the K50 model. It has rounded, smoother edges, but K50 has pointy corners. The polished edges make the K55 model sleeker and more compact than the K50.

Unlike modern coffee brewers with LCD screens, the K55 and K50 have traditional buttons. The buttons are easy to operate and usually light up, allowing you to use the machine in the dark.

The overall aesthetic winner is the Keurig K55 because it’s available in two colors and has a sleeker design.

Taste and Flavor Variety

Taste is one of the essential things you have to consider when purchasing a new coffee brewer. The Keurig K50 vs K55, which one prepares better-tasting coffee?

Keurig K55 and K50 make high-quality coffee with different aromas and flavors.

Both machines are compatible with k-cups, allowing you to enjoy the best coffee flavors. But the K55 brewer is also compatible with other non-official Keurig pods.

The K50 model comes with simple mesh reusable filters, which you have to replace at some point. On the other hand, the K55 model has activated charcoal filters that make a more smooth and supreme coffee.

You can use K50 and K55 to brew hot tea or chocolate, but you cannot make crew iced beverages.

It’s hard to differentiate the two models based on the taste of the coffee they make. That said, the Keurig K55 slightly edges the K50. Thanks to dependable charcoal filters, the K55 makes incredibly smooth coffee.

Cleaning and Descaling

The two brewers have an exterior plastic that is easy to clean. The most impressive aspect is that the two models have detachable components. They feature a removable water tank and drip plate for easy washing. As a result, the Keurig K50 and K55 are easy/simple to descale and clean than other coffee brewers in the market.

Unlike the Keurig K50, the K55 model has a handy auto-scaling detection function that notifies you of the cleaning time. When you see the flashing light, know that it’s time to remove build-up deposits from the system.

The auto-scaling feature is not available in the K50 model. You must have a cleaning schedule to continue enjoying excellent and quality coffee.

The good thing is that both models come with comprehensive instructions on descaling and cleaning your brewer. If you fail to clean and descale, there will be build-up deposits, leading to insufficient heating and occasional clogging in the machine.

When it comes to cleaning and descaling, the Keurig K55 is the overall winner since it reminds users to descale their coffee makers.

Auto Shut Off

The auto-shut-off feature is crucial since it helps you save energy and money. It also reduces your machine wear and tear.

Both Keurig K50 and K55 have the auto-shut-off feature, but this varies in duration. The K50 model shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. On the other hand, the K55 machine shuts down if not in use for 2 hours.

Even though the K55 model takes a bit longer to shut off, it is more energy-efficient, especially if you brew several cups of coffee in a day. This is because the machine doesn’t have to reheat the water more often, as is the case with K50.

The Keurig K55 is the winner since it has a more effective auto-off feature.

Set Up, Ease of Use, and Maintenance

In today’s market, coffee lovers search for brewing machines that are easy to set up. No one is ready to spend hours reading the instruction manual or going through the internet to have a cup of coffee. The Keurig K50 vs K55, which model is easy to set up and maintain?

Both Keurig K50 and K55 are user-friendly and easy to set up. To enjoy coffee from either machine, you only have to remove the components out of the box and assemble your brewer, which is very easy. If you are stuck, follow the step-by-step setup guide in the manual. Then power on the machine and put water in the reservoir.

Place the K-cup in the holder and press the brew button. Wait for less than a minute and have your cup of coffee ready to drink.

The difference between the Keurig K50 and K55 arises during maintenance. The K50 uses mesh filters that you need to keep on changing.

Here the winner is the K55 model as it requires less maintenance than K50.

Water Filter

Some people overlook the water filter, but it determines your coffee taste. Brewers with good filters produce better-tasting coffee than their counterparts with poor filters.

The filter helps trap oily compounds and prevent them from getting in the cup. If your brewer doesn’t have a water filter, you won’t enjoy your cup of coffee since it will be sludgy with an unpleasant taste.

The Keurig K50 has mesh filters that do a good job. However, the K55 model has an activated charcoal filter system that filters out all compounds such as chlorine, calcium, and other impurities, which may interfere with your coffee taste. The charcoal filter never affects the good minerals and compounds in the water.

Activated charcoal filters in the Keurig K55 are superior to the mesh filters in K50.


Keurig is renowned for building robust, entry-level coffee brewers that last between 3 to 5 years.

There isn’t much difference in the lifespans of the K50 and K55 models. However, the Keurig K50 slightly lasts longer than the K55 model. The K50 brewer has been around for some time and has proved it can brew for years.

Unlike the K55, which takes 2 hours to shut down automatically, the K50 automatically shuts down in 30 minutes. As such, the wear and tear due to thermal expansion/contraction in K50 might be less than that in K55.

In terms of durability, the K50 model is the winner.

Keep in mind that the durability of coffee brewing machines largely depends on the usage, descaling, and maintenance. A well-maintained K55 will outlast a poorly-maintained K50.

Keurig K50 vs K55: The Winner

Keurig K50 and K55 are excellent coffee brewers, and they will give you high-quality coffee. But, the best overall model is the Keurig K55. An honorable winner in this Keurig K50 vs K55 batle!

The K55 has some remarkable features that its predecessor lacks. These include a better water filter system, auto-alerts for cleaning and descaling, and an incredible fast brewing time.

The K55 has a sleeker design that matches any décor and is more energy-efficient in the long run.

The K50 model beats the K55 model with only its strong brew option. This brewer might be ideal for people who want delicious, bolder, and stronger coffee.

On the other hand, the K55 model might suit coffeeholics who brew coffee several times a day. Thanks to its fast brewing speed, you can brew coffee within the shortest time. Pick the K55 model if you wish to lower maintenance costs.